Concert visit

Interval refreshments

A toast to concert night! The restaurants are open for our audiences before the concert and in the interval.

Espoo Catering is in charge of interval refreshments at the Tapiola Hall. Refreshments can be booked on tel. 043 826 9031, email:

Vaudeville Catering Oy is in charge of interval refreshments at the Sello Hall. Refreshments can be booked on 050-1786 or by email to petter(at)

Info for disable persons

The left-hand main door to the Espoo Cultural Centre is barrier-free door.
The Info desk is in the entrance foyer of the Cultural Centre and there is a barrier-free lift at the back of the entrance foyer.
The Tapiola Hall has three wheelchair places at the right-hand ends of rows 21 and 23. We recommend that people requiring a wheelchair place reserve it beforehand at Lippupiste. Your assistant (if you need one) is entitled to free admission to Tapiola Sinfonietta concerts. If you need more wheelchair places, please contact the Tapiola Sinfonietta office beforehand on tel. 040 514 0358.
The Tapiola Hall has an induction loop for rows 5–12 and sections of rows 13–17

How do I show my appreciation?

The conventional way to show your appreciation during a concert is to clap. The tradition in classical music is to clap only at the end of a work; the audience does not usually clap between movements.

If you wish to send flowers to, say, a soloist or the conductor, please leave the flowers with the attendants in the main foyer before the start of the concert.